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Manage substitutions.
Plan team formation. 
Track player time.

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# games powered by  SubTime


For multiple sports, including; Soccer, Basketball, Field Hockey, Rugby, Lacrosse

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SubTime community!


This app is so intuitive to use during the game. Instead of herding cats, I'm able to focus on the game. 




Best option I've found for tracking game time and managing substitutions. Highly recommended.


I use SubTime for every game to ensure equal playing time and keep track of the score. Makes coaching easy.

SubTime is an excellent game management tool with rich in-game features, and statistics by match or season. All our high performance teams at Mitchelton FC use SubTime. Not only does it aid planning and execution, but also provides the tracking data needed to meet our audit requirements.


Mitchelton Football Club
Everton Park, Australia

Create your Roster

Set up and organize your team for success. Easily capture player name, team number and position.

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Track Playing Time

Instantly visualize playing time and bench time for each player. Manage 'equal playing time' or 'half time rule' with ease. Allows you to focus on the game, not the clock.

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Track Scores

Intuitive design makes SubTime easy to use and simple to track key events including scores and assists in real time. 

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Select Team Formation

Drag and drop players into your chosen formation with ease. Test various lineups to identify your best team.

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Summary Analytics

Review and share game summary, with playing time for each player, team lineup, formation deployed, as well as the subs used and key events.

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Plan and Manage Substitutions

Plan your substitutions in advance, get alerts when subs are required. Make manual substitutions as desired. SubTime lets you know when players need to be swapped in or out.

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Check out these additional features

Make tactical notes during the game for practice and training reminders

Share lineup and strategy with coaches

Identify selection bias or tactical blindspots

Multiple sports catered for; including soccer, basketball, hockey and lacrosse. 

Share formation or summary with parents or players if desired

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For the Love of the Game!

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Five Star Reviews 


Exactly what I was looking for to balance playing time.

Lets me manage player on-field position at a glance. 


Substitution planning is now easy. Before using this app I would lose track.


First season with it, love the substitution planning! Tracks scores and assists effortlessly.

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